If there is one thing your content should never do it is this: Promise, then fail to deliver.

You’ve likely experienced this for yourself and didn’t enjoy it much:

You open an email from an entity that you’ve had communication with in the past, and may even trust, to read of their offer that sounds so valuable that you can hardly wait to give up a little personal information to be able to download the promised, full-of-helpful tools and reliable data guide to success and happy-ever-after living…

Only to find that it’s nothing more than a stale, unappetizing buffet of regurgitated copy and annoying content that you’ve already been offered before.

You were hoping for, and expecting, so much more.

You were relying on them to actually provide what they had so convincingly promised.

Obviously, the company whose subject line screamed, “Exactly What You’ve Been Waiting For” wasn’t actually considering YOU (at all).

Unfortunately, the practice of ‘misleading in an effort to capture leads’ among online marketers has given content marketing a bad reputation. People with something of legitimate value to offer tend to shy away from online marketing because:

  • They are concerned about maintaining integrity.
  • They don’t want to risk their reputation or that of their message.
  • They aren’t totally convinced that the benefits outweigh these risks.

Overcoming the less than stellar reputation of online marketing is what Hanna Marketing Manna is about. We want to help you market to those in need of what you offer sincerely, confidently, and with complete integrity.

HMM offers you professional skills acquired through training, certification, and consistent practice, backed by over 10 years of online marketing experience in:

  • Copywriting and Editing
  • Content Design
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Research
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

Don’t let the misguided, even dishonest, practices of others keep you from successfully communicating what you do with those who deserve to know – and want to know – about your message and the services you provide.

CONSIDER: When someone is truly in need of what you offer – when others are seeking answers that you know you can provide – no gimmicks are necessary.

Instead, use any (or all) of the skills listed above to make clear:

  • What you do or offer
  • How you can help or assist others
  • The action others need to take to get that help
  • Why others can trust you to deliver what you promise

We’d love to have the opportunity to chat with you in person about how HMM can help you to share your message, products, and services successfully, with confidence and integrity.