Taste-testing a new recipe just makes sense. You cannot know how good – or bad – a dish is until you taste it.

It’s always best to:

  • prepare in advance
  • use the best ingredients
  • season carefully to enhance the flavor
  • pay attention to time
  • taste before serving
  • serve it attractively

But, first things first!

The most important thing – the thing you can’t afford to overlook – is to first consider those who are going to consume what you’ve created.

You wouldn’t want to serve something to the people you are hoping to impress if it’s  something they do not like or want, would you?

If a person hates vegetables, the fact that you grew and hand-picked the produce yourself will not be enough to cause them to change their minds and give it a try.

When creating content online, make sure that what you are planning to offer suits the intended consumer.

Knowing who that is will help you know what should be on the menu, when to serve it and where…and how it should be seasoned.

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